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Sunday, April 09, 2006

RYIL #10- Author Jamie Martinez Wood

Jamie Martinez Wood is a self described "tree hugging, dirt worshipper whose brand of earth spirituality spins seamlessly around faeries, Mother Earth, personal responsibility, and amazing friends and family." If Helen Reddy and Emiliano Zapata had a kid, she'd be Jamie Martinez Wood.

Learn how a 7th generation California Latina became an expert on Wicca, eventually authoring several books on the subject. Join us as Jamie explains the true meaning of Wicca (it means wise), how it doesn't have anything to do with broom riding or eating toads, and how it correlates with traditions and practices that are familiar to us all.

Jamie will lead us on a quick meditation to access our creative power and provide lots of great information on staying connected to your spirit within.
runtime 30 minutes. Click the player to listen, or download for coaching on the go.

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